3D Drawing and Other Activities at Locworld

During break time at Locworld Berlin you can do something fascinating, which you’ve probably never tried before: 3D drawing.

Our marketing team is bringing a stereoscopic pen which allows you to draw with hot plastic. It is possible to quickly create shapes in the air, or put simple designs on cloth.  Perhaps one day in the future all writing (not typing!) will be done this way. So when you have a free minute, be sure to stop by the Memsource booth and try your hand in 3D drawing, spelling your name out in roller-coaster letters, decorating and personalizing your conference badge and more.

If you tweet a picture of your creation with #LocWorld28 and @memsource tags, you will participate in the prize draw to win the stereoscopic pen. Good luck and have fun!

On a more serious note, we invite you to meet our team at Locworld and discuss what is happening in enterprize-scale localization. We have recently ran a very successful webinar “Enterprise Localization Trends” with experts from Intel, EventBrite and F-Secure. Stop by our booth, and we will share our findings with you. Our CEO David Canek, head of sales Joseph Kubovsky and three other members of staff will be present at the venue.

LocWorld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management.  More than 400 reps from translation companies and enterprise departments already signed up for this conference Berlin. It is promising to be one of the most important industry events of the year 2015.