Susana Almeida Pecorelli: "Learning Curve is Virtually Non-Existent for Linguists with Experience in CAT-Tools"

The following testimonial has been provided by Susana Almeida Pecorelli, PhD, she is a Medical Translator from ITClinical, a consulting company based in Rua Augusto Macedo, Portugal:

“At ITClinical we are now big fans of Memsource both as our primary in house tool and also when we cooperate with other colleagues in their own projects. Memsource is extremely helpful as a tool for collaborative translations and its learning curve is virtually non-existent for linguists with experience in other well-known CAT tools. We are huge fans and we look forward to enjoying Memsource’s continual development and new features”.

ITClinical ITClinical is a consulting company specialized in Information Technologies for the health and pharmaceutical industries, Scientific consultancy and Technical translations.