The First Memsource User Meetup

Memsource held its first User Meetup on March 22, 2015, just before the GALA conference in Seville. Representatives from over 25 translation companies that already use, or plan to use, Memsource attended this event. Attendees networked with one another and exchanged contacts for future collaboration on multilingual projects.

Memsource CEO David Canek presented Memsource Cloud growth figures and outlined the general direction of our product roadmap. A quick recap:

  • The number of users and also the revenue have doubled year over year.
  • Over 200 million words are now translated in Memsource every month.
  • Memsource primarily focused on developing collaboration features in 2014 and plans to stick to further improving the collaboration between translation buyers and LSPs also in 2015.
  • Some of the major collaboration features introduced in 2014 are: Shared Projects, Shared Jobs, Instant Quote Widget.

Torben Dahl Jensen from TextMinded, a Danish MLV that is a Memsource Solution Partner, showcased Mindlincs, a client-facing application developed by TextMinded that is heavily integrated with Memsource. Mindlincs allows TextMinded customers to login to a dashboard with stats on translation volumes, orders, quotes, etc., as well as with a number of language resources. Torben added that TextMinded is ramping up its usage of Shared Jobs with their single-language vendors (SLVs). Approximately 20% of them have signed up for a standalone Memsource account that lets them to receive Shared Jobs and more SLVs are expected to join soon.

Memsource Sales Director Josef Kubovsky provided an outline of the Memsource Partner Program.

  • Translation companies successfully using Memsource for 6 or more months can become Memsource Partners.
  • Translation companies successfully using the Ultimate Edition for 6 or more months and experienced in integrating Memsource with other systems via Memsource APIs qualify to become Memsource Solutions Partners.
  • The LSP Partner Program has taken off in 2014 with a number of translation companies bundling Memsource technology with their services to deliver unique value to their customers.

We received great feedback from the first meetup and are planning to hold more Memsource User Meetups on a regular basis at various locations around the world.