Yuri Melnikov, MARK Business Translations: “We use Memsource for 90% of our projects.”

The following user testimonial was provided by Yuri Melnikov, the CEO of MARK Business Translations.

“A couple of years ago, when I first met Josef Kubovsky, I was rather skeptical about Memsource, a cloud-based solution. We had a long discussion covering all of the pros and cons, and Josef finally persuaded me to try it. I have never regretted my decision. With Memsource, we brought our project management and our interaction with clients and vendors to a whole new level.

Translation memory and term base construction and sharing, translators’ performance control, terminology management, client review – all these features improve our operations and make our lives much easier.

The efficiency of our interaction with vendors has greatly increased. Memsource is rather easy to learn. Even when you involve a linguist who is completely unaware of Memsource, all you need is one five-minute training session to explain the basic options. And there you have it – the linguist becomes a full member of your team!

Memsource is regularly updated to add any new features. We also appreciate and greatly value their level of support. They act fast and are competent, they never leave an issue unattended to or unresolved. Last year, we completed a high-profile project involving several million words. Thanks to Memsource, it was possible to streamline any interaction with dozens of linguists, manage terminology across the team, and involve the client’s expert in the process. We delivered the final product on time, and the quality was to our client’s satisfaction. Now, we use Memsource for almost 90% of all our projects. It has become our software of choice!”

MARK Business Translations is a Moscow-based translation company that specializes in financial, consulting and legal documentation. It was established in 1992, and has been providing services for over 20 years.