Vendors Can Add TMs to Shared Jobs: Memsource Cloud 4.9 Release

Memsource Cloud 4.9 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 22 February 2015 at 10:00 AM GMT. The new version comes relatively soon after the launch of Memsource Cloud 4.8 and it includes one major improvement, plus a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

These are some of the most notable improvements:

Shared Jobs

  • Vendors can now add TMs to Shared Jobs

    • This is a major improvement for Shared Jobs. So far, vendors could only use their own private translation memory in Shared Projects but not in Shared Jobs. This is now made possible.

    • You will find more details about the concept of sharing projects and jobs in our documentation.

Bilingual XML

  • Memsource now supports the import of bilingual XML files

    • Memsource supports XML files with both source and target elements present for all paragraphs (even if the target is empty).
    • When the source and target segmentations are different, the source segmentation is determining.
    • In order to import a bilingual XML, select Bilingual XML under File Type in File Import Settings.
    • For more details about importing bilingual XML files, see our documentation.

Widget User Interface Language

  • Users can now set the user interface language in which Instant Quote Widgets will be displayed

    • On the IQ Widget setup page, it is now possible to choose the UI language  that will be used for the Widget. Users can select one of the languages into which Memsource user interface is currently localized.

Spellchecker for Turkish

  • We have added a spellchecker dictionary for Turkish

    • Turkish is now also supported by Memsource spellchecker.


  • File renaming option also available from project settings

    • Previously, the file renaming option was only available from the global settings. It is now also part of the project settings and project templates.
  • New e-mail macros

    • It is now possible to specify the Client and the Domain in the e-mail notifications sent from Memsource. You will find the full list of e-mail macros available for use in e-mail templates in our documentation.
  • Turn off Web Editor auto-complete feature

    • It is now possible to turn off the Web Editor auto-complete feature. You will find the option under Tools - Preferences.