Spring 2015 Conferences to Meet Memsource

A fresh Spring conference season is approaching, and with it comes many exciting events for the translation industry. The translation business is growing globally, and there are more and more reasons to meet and learn from peers, discuss trends and technology. We’ve selected seven conferences which our representatives will attend before summer. We look forward to seeing you there.

ITA International Conference  -  Jerusalem, Israel February 16-18 Memsource is the Silver Sponsor and an exhibitor of this year’s ITA event. David Canek, Memsource CEO, will hold a presentation about the latest trends in the translation industry.
JABA Translations Partner Summit  - Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal March 18-20 Josef Kubovsky, Memsource Sales Director, will deliver a presentation about the collaboration between MLVs, SLVs, and translation buyers at JABA Translations Partner Summit.
GALA Conference 2015 - Sevilla, Spain March 22-25 Memsource will set up a booth at this year’s GALA Conference, and we’re sponsoring the Tuesday night Happy Hour, and bringing in a big part of our team.
Moscow Translation Club meeting - Moscow April 3 Memsource Sales Director Josef Kubovsky and marketing manager Konstantin Dranch will speak at this event in Moscow.
EUATC Conference - Lisbon, Portugal April 23-24 Memsource is the Bronze sponsor and will set up a booth there. Josef Kubovsky, Memsource Sales Director, will deliver a presentation titled “The Art of Driving Sales and Profitability Without Increasing Prices”.
ITI Conference - Newcastle-Gateshead, United Kingdom April 23-25 Memsource is the Bronze sponsor, and will have a booth set up. Vaclav Balacek, our trainer, will represent the company.
SFÖ Conference - Göteborg, Sweden May 8-10 Memsource is going to be an exhibitor at this Swedish Association of Professional Translators conference, and we will hold a workshop on Friday, May 8 between 14:15 and 15:00. Sales Director Josef Kubovsky will be there to answer questions.

Memsource team members are always happy to share new knowledge and case studies of our partners:

  • our programs to grow translation businesses;
  • added software features;
  • solutions for supply chain automation and managing multiple vendors.

To set up a meeting at your location and see how you and your company can benefit, send us a letter to