WordPress XLIFF & DocBook Support Added: Memsource Cloud 4.8 Release

Memsource Cloud 4.8 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 1 February 2015 at 10:00 AM GMT. Memsource Cloud 4.8 includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes. These are some of the most notable improvements:

File Conversion

  • WordPress XLIFF Support

    • We have introduced a new file type that will let WordPress users of the WPML multilingual plugin easily translate WordPress XLIFF files in Memsource.
    • When importing WordPress XLIFF files generated by the WPML plugin, make sure to manually select the “WordPress XLIFF” file type in the new job screen.

  • DocBook Support

    • We have started supporting the DocBook (*.dbk) file type with the following file import options:

  • HTML Character Entity Conversion

    • We have introduced a new option for HTML files that makes it possible to convert character entities into Memsource tags by tweaking the HTML file import settings. This is how it works:

      • The provided list of HTML character entities (comma separated) will be converted to Memsource tags (for example, ,©). If empty, no entity will be converted to a Memsource tag. If * is entered, all character entities will be converted to Memsource tags.

Data Storage

  • Deletion of Translation Memories from Expired Accounts

    • From 1 February 2015 on, we will start deleting translation memories from Memsource accounts that have expired for at least 6 months as well as from unused Personal accounts that have not been used for at least 6 months (nobody has logged into the free Personal account for at least 6 months).

    • The process explained:

      • If an account has been expired for at least 6 months or if a free Personal account has not been used for at least 6 months, the administrator user of the expired account will be notified by email that the account’s translation memories will be moved to the account’s recycle bin.
      • The administrator user can disregard the message and in that case the translation memories will be deleted permanently from the recycle bin after 30 days. Or, the administrator user may log into the account and restore the translation memories from the account’s recycle bin.

Project Management

  • A New Workflow Step Option

    • We have introduced a new global option under Setup - Access and Security as well as under project’s Access and Security settings: “Linguists may start a workflow step only if the preceding step has been completed.”

      • This option is selected by default and makes it possible for linguists to initiate a workflow step even if the preceding workflow step has not yet been completed (in this case the linguist receives a warning).
      • Thanks to the new option it is possible to prohibit linguists from starting to work on a job in such a case.

  • Download Multiple Analyses

    • Multiple analyses can now be downloaded in the CSV or LOG formats at once via the new Download button in the project’s analysis section.
  • Visual Analysis

    • An analysis can now be viewed not just in a tabular format but also in the new visual format. This can be useful for a quick overview when, for instance, multiple target languages are involved.

  • New Languages Added

    • Bengali (India)
    • Bengali (Bangladesh)
    • Catalan (Spain, Valencia)
    • Punjabi (India)
    • Punjabi (Pakistan)
    • Punjabi (Pakistan, Arabic)
    • Inari Sami
    • Skolt Sami
    • Southern Sami


  • Payments

    • We have added a new option to make a payment for 6 months and kept the existing options to pay for 3 or 12 months when paying for a Memsource subscription.
    • When making a payment, we will now check whether the provided VAT number is valid (applies only to EU-based organizations registered for the EU value added tax).
  • Security

    • Trusted IP Ranges

      • We have introduced a new security feature: “Trusted IP Ranges” under Setup - Access and Security. This feature lets administrator users set IP ranges from which users may log in. Users accessing from outside the specified IP ranges will not be allowed to access.
      • This feature is only available in the BIZ Ultimate edition.

  • TBX Imports of Non-supported Metadata

    • When importing a non-Memsource TBX from that has metadata not supported by Memsource, that metadata will be imported into the Note field in the Memsource term base.
  • Web Editor Auto-complete Feature

    • Technically speaking, this feature is part of a separate Memsource Web Editor release which we will cover later on in more detail. However, we think it is worthwhile mentioning here.
    • The Web Editor will have an auto-complete feature starting from 1 February 2015. Initially, this feature will not offer a multitude of auto-complete suggestions but this should change over time.

Machine Translation

  • Custom Machine Translation Engines

    • We have introduced better support for custom machine translation engines.
    • Custom MT engines can now be made private and in that case will be visible only for selected organization(s) when creating a new MT engine configuration.
  • Tauyou and NICT Engines Improvements

    • We have optimized our integration with the Tauyou and NICT MT engines and added a few extra configuration parameters.


  • Shared Jobs API Introduced

  • Word Count Available through API

    • Word count is now returned in a number of relevant API responses, such as in the get segments API response.
  • List Pending Requests API Introduced