Semantix: "Improvements by Memsource Go Beyond the Operational Side of the Tool"

Christophe Eyraud, Technical Translation Solutions Expert at Semantix, provided the following testimonial.

“As a cloud-based solution, Memsource allows us to go where our existing CAT tools cannot take us. Translation memory and term base sharing, as well as automatic customizable notifications made our project managers’ lives much easier – they no longer have to spend time in export/import operations or in writing confirmation e-mails.

Memsource Cloud is a powerful tool, capable of handling files that other tools reject. Moreover, it is very easy to use. Our project managers and translators do not need extensive training and are fully proficient after just a few projects.

Another feature we see as very promising is the Instant Quote Widget. With it, our customers no longer need to send us source files by e-mail, wait for the project manager to analyze them and send the customer a quote. Instead, the clients upload source files using the widget and receive a cost estimate almost instantly! Our customers definitely value this feature.

We adopted of Memsource Cloud early on, and started working with it in 2011. After three years, we can say we are happy with it. Not only has Memsource Cloud continued to improve with each release, but we are also pleased to see that the CAT-tool team really takes their customers’ feedback into account. This is something we greatly appreciate.

Improvements made by Memsource to our business go beyond the operational side of the tool. Currently, it allows us to better collaborate with our customers. To date, we have launched several partnerships that have taken our relationships with these customers to a new level. We do not simply provide them with translated words; instead we have become a real partner in their linguistic needs”.

Semantix is the leading supplier of professional language services in the Nordic countries, ranked the largest provider in the region and 17th largest in the world. The company has around 250 employees based out of 12 offices in Sweden, Finland and Norway and a network of approximately 7,000 professional translators, interpreters and language consultants.