Josef Kubovsky Promoted to Memsource Sales Director

Memsource’s Business Development manager Josef Kubovsky has been promoted to Sales Director.

He will lead the sales and marketing team assembled during 2014 to drive the company’s expansion. Memsource is growing rapidly, and in the three years since its launch, the number of users has increased from zero to over 30,000 people. Josef has been with Memsource from the start and much of this growth can be attributed to his efforts.

In his 10 years in the translation industry, Josef met and worked with hundreds of language service providers in the US, and Eastern and Western Europe. Each year he travels to several dozen professional conferences and networks with companies all around the world: from US and Europe to Japan and Russia.

After receiving a degree in International Relations at the Metropolitan University in Prague, Josef worked his way up from Sales Manager and Branch Manager to Business Development Manager in a regional translation company, an international MLV, and, finally, in Memsource Cloud, a cloud translation environment tool. Josef speaks English, Czech, Russian and Chinese.