Memsource Web Editor 4.49: New Logic in Displaying Track Changes

Version 4.49 of Memsource Web Editor is scheduled for release on Monday, 8 December 2014 at 8:00 AM GMT.

The most important message relating to this release is that we have changed the logic of displaying track changes. The same change will soon be implemented in the desktop Memsource Editor too.

Show Changes rather than Track Changes 

  • Previously, if you selected a workflow step under Created By / Modified By / Track Changes, Memsource would show you the changes done between your current workflow step and the selected one. This often led to confusion because users were expecting to see the changes done within a specific workflow step rather than changes done compared to a specific workflow step.

  • Therefore, from now on if you open a document in the Sign-off step as shown in the image below and you select Revision …

… under your Filter setting …

… you will be viewing the changes done in the Revision workflow step, compared with the Translation workflow step, i.e. the immediately preceding one.

We believe that this concept will be user friendlier and will improve your overall experience of how changes are dealt with in Memsource.

What other features have been introduced in this version?

  • Multiple operations for unconfirm and repetition exception

    • You can now unconfirm segments in batch, or mark selected segments as repetition exceptions
  • Insert arbitrary target-only tags

    • You can now press ALT+F8 to insert a new unpaired tag, or ATL+Shift+F8 to insert a new paired tag, specifically for the target text only, i.e. without equivalent in the source text
  • Users are now notified if they are signed out because their existing session has expired due to long period of inactivity