Japan Translation Festival Impressions

Will Japan become the global market leader for translation in the near future? This was certainly our impression after visiting the Translation Festival run by Japanese Translation Federation (JTF). As an exhibitor at this huge event in Tokyo, Memsource was glad to be able to participate! Memsource’s business development manager Josef Kubovsky, together with Hiroki Kawano of Honyaku Center and Masa Kajiki from MK Translation firm, delivered a presentation on improving translation productivity.

With more than 900 attendees at the festival, including LSPs, buyers, translators and industry experts, JTF is one of the largest translation trade shows in the world. It is also definitely the main meeting point for translation professionals in Japan.

Thanks to our partners’ efforts, it was not unusual to meet JTF attendees that were already familiar with our software. The country’s largest translation company, Honyaku Center, are already an active Memsource user and provided us with strong support. Honyaku Center have hundreds of translators and project managers working with Memsource on a daily basis. In addition, MK translation firm, certified Memsource experts, provided invaluable help by creating documentationand even video demos for the translation environment in Japanese.

Translation buyers and LSPs in Japan have a clear vision of what will happen in the nearby future - and it is very technical. Many develop and customize machine translation engines, and projects such as Gengo explore models for human translation that is fast, well-automated, scalable and can be done into many languages simultaneously. Everyone at the festival understood the potential of cloud-based real-time collaboration tools such as Memsource.

We’d like to express our sincere thanks to the Japanese Translation Federation for hosting a successful event, and a special thanks to our partners.