discover legal: "The best things about Memsource are excellent service and support".

The following testimonial was provided by Catherine Besendahl and Elizabeth Lehnich of discover legal translation company based in Hamburg and Holm, Germany.

“We are a translation company specializing in legal translation and have been working with Memsource for two years. In addition to offering numerous highly helpful features, Memsource is very easy to use. Time-consuming seminars are a thing of the past and more advanced features can be looked up easily in the manuals that are available on the web or learnt in the regular webinars the company offers. Updates and upgrades are done automatically by the provider so we don’t need to deal with this. All we have to do is ensure our Editors are up-to-date – a process that takes just a couple of minutes – so we get to do what we do best: translate. The best things about Memsource, which really set it apart from its competitors, are excellent service and support. So far, we have always received instant replies to any requests and questions we have had. We are highly satisfied with the tool and the company behind it!”