Redesigned DITA Filter, Asynchronous APIs and More: Memsource Cloud 4.7

Memsource Cloud 4.7 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 23 November 2014 at 11:00 AM GMT. Memsource Cloud 4.7 includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes.

Collaboration & Sharing

  • Transfer Project to Buyer

    • When buyer and vendor collaborate in Memsource Cloud, the buyer may typically initiate a project and then share it with the vendor. However, there are a number of instances when it is the vendor who initiates the project and then would need to turn it into a shared project ex post.
    • This is exactly what this new feature (“Transfer Project to Buyer”) does: It turns an existing project created by a vendor into a shared project owned by the buyer and shared with the vendor. Once transferred, the buyer will be notified of the new shared project.
    • This feature will only be available to organizations that have provided their vendor token to at least one buyer (and in that case they will be able to see the buyer list under Setup - Buyers.)

File Conversion

  • DITA Filter Redesign

    • We have completely redesigned our DITA filter and added a number of useful options.
    • Tag content can now be visualized and edited and custom target tags can be created.
    • A new file import options have been added:
      • Translatable elements
      • Non-translatable elements
      • Translatable inline elements
      • Non-translatable inline elements

  • ICML Filter Redesign

    • We have made redesigned our ICML filter to be more robust and also consistent with our IDML filter.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Supported

    • We have started supporting SVG as a new file type.
  • Electronic Publication (EPUB) Supported

    • We have started supporting EPUB (.epub) as a new file type.
  • Automated Identification of Inline Elements for XML

    • We have introduced a new option in XML file import settings:

      •  ”Identify inline elements automatically”
    • With this option enabled, elements that are neighbors of text nodes will be automatically converted to inline tags.


  • Custom Domains for HTTPS Supported

    • We have previously supported custom domains only for HTTP.
    • Custom domains can now be set also for HTTPS.
    • Custom domains are currently only available for the Ultimate edition. Read more about setting up a custom domain over HTTPS.
  • New Languages Added

    • Fante (fat)
    • Soninke (snk)
    • Mixtec, Jamiltepec (mxt)


  • Asynchronous API Calls

    • We have introduced asynchronous API calls. These are the new asynchronous calls:

      • Get Asynchronous Request
      • Create New Analysis
      • Pre-translate a Job
    • We may add more asynchronous API calls in our future releases, for instance for creating new jobs.

  • Price List API

    • We have introduced new Price List APIs with a number of calls:

      • Create New Price List
      • Get Price List
      • List Price Lists
      • Update Price List
      • Delete Price List
      • Add Language Pairs
      • Remove Language Pairs
      • Get Price
      • Set Minimum Price
      • Set Price
  • List Projects by Client

    • A new parameter ”client” has been added to the List Projects API call, so that it is possible to list/search projects by client name.
  • TM And TB Removal from Project

    • Translation memories and term bases can now be removed from a project through API.
  • Notify Assigned Linguist

  • Overwrite Segments in Pre-translate API

    • A new parameter “overwrite” has been added to the Pre-translate API call. When true, non-empty segments will not be skipped but overwritten during the pre-translate operation.