American Translation Association 55th Conference Summary

The 55th ATA conference attracted over 1,800 attendees from the US and the rest of the world. We’re proud to have been a part of the great event.

Our trainer Vaclav Balacek travelled to Chicago to deliver a workshop on structured terminology work and morphology-sensitive term base building. Josef Kubovsky, Memsource’s business development manager, spread the word about practices that transform translation companies to solution providers that are ready to provide both services and technology to their clients.

One of the trends that we spotted at the ATA conference is how many translators in the US use Apple Macs as workstations. They were particularly excited to learn that Memsource Cloud is platform-independent and works normally on Macs in any version. In contrast, popular desktop CAT-tools can only run on Apple computers with MS Windows installed or through a virtual machine, while Memsource is ready run on an Apple Mac straight out of the box.

US-based translators are very active and are not afraid to network and to ask questions. Fascinating people came to see us at the booth. We’re sure that we will meet face-to-face once more.

Top picture courtesy of ATA photo report