Job Board & Shared Jobs: Memsource Cloud 4.6

Memsource Cloud 4.6 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 5 October 2014 at 10:00 am GMT. Memsource Cloud 4.6 includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes.

Job Board

  • Introduction

    • Memsource job board (here is the job board manual and here is the job board page - will only work after the release) is a move into a new territory for Memsource but one that we think makes sense. The job board is a public page where Memsource project managers can publish their jobs and Memsource users with a Personal or 1+ Freelancers account (not linguist users) can respond to them. A number of our LSP customers have suggested we should introduce such a feature and we think it is a good idea and very much in line with our focus on promoting collaboration in Memsource.
  • How Does It Work?

    • Job board features are directly integrated into Memsource. To publish on job board, go to any project and click on “Share - Publish on Job Board…” Project managers and administrators of all paid Memsource editions with the exception of the 1+ Freelancers edition may post on the job board.

  • Fill in the form, select which target languages should be used for the job posting and then publish.

  • Your job(s) will get instantly published on the Memsource job board and at the same time relevant Memsource freelancers will be notified about your job posting.

  • Which Freelancers Will Be Notified?

    • We will notify all Personal and 1+ Freelancer edition users. We will also notify all Team Start administrators and project managers (never linguists).
    • As mentioned above, only relevant users will be notified. Currently it means that only users from organizations that have created jobs in the job posting’s source and target languages will be notified.
    • Job board notifications can be disabled in Memsource Cloud under Setup - Email Notifications and they will be disabled for the entire organization (we are planning to introduce a more granular approach to notifications in the future).
  • Responding to a Job Posting

    • Only Personal and 1+ Freelancer edition users plus all project managers and administrators may respond to a job posting (linguist users are again excluded).

  • Analyzing Responses

    • An overview of all responses is conveniently displayed right in the project.

  • Assigning Jobs

    • Once an agreement is made with any of the candidates, the job can be assigned to them either as a shared job (after establishing a vendor connection with them) or a linguist account can be created for them. This final process is already independent of the job board.
  • Any Concerns?

    • When discussing this feature with some of our beta testers, a concern has been raised that some linguists could in this way be lured away to another LSP - for instance by creating a freelancer account, next to their existing linguist account, and respond to job board postings in this way. This is indeed possible. However, it can be reasonably expected that the vast majority of LSPs’ linguists have registered on sites like and receive a number of job offerings already. Keeping an LSP’s linguists happy must be based on different things than just blocking their access to a job board.
    • In any case, we would like to hear from you. Contact us at with any questions and comments please.
  • Our Expectations

    • We expect the job board will gradually become a valuable way for connecting within the Memsource community. It will attract more freelancers to Memsource and therefore LSPs should be able to benefit from easier/faster access to linguist resources. And with the current growth that Memsource is experiencing, we think the job board can take off to become yet another useful tool for Memsource freelancers and LSPs. Let’s see!

Shared Jobs

  • Sharing in Memsource To Date

    • We have made sharing and collaboration a major focus of our product development in 2014, in particular with the introduction of shared projects and the instant quote widget.

      • Shared projects make it possible for separate organizations in Memsource Cloud to collaborate. For instance:

        • A corporate Memsource Cloud customer can assign a project to a translation company.
        • An MLV (multi-language vendor) can assign projects to SLVs (single-language vendors)
        • A translation company can assign projects to Memsource users with the 1+ Freelancers account (and not just to linguist users)
      • The instant quote widget makes it incredibly easy to embed instant quote functionality into any website or intranet (see how we have embedded it into our wiki).

        • After it has been set up, all a person needs to do is click on a link and upload his/her files for translation. No Memsource login information is needed.
        • A quote is generated instantly and sent to the person’s email for approval.
        • Once the files are translated, the person is again notified by email and can download the translated files. And so the instant quote widget can serve as a mini client portal.
  • Introducing Shared Jobs

    • The introduction of shared jobs was the next logical step after the introduction of shared projects. Shared projects work really well if a project is shared to a single external vendor. When multiple vendors need to be used for a project, the solution is to use shared jobs.

    • Sharing a job to an external vendor is incredibly easy.

      • First, a connection needs to be established between the vendor and the buyer organization, just like for shared projects.
      • From then on jobs can be assigned to the vendor in the exact same way as to a linguist:

* Once assigned, the vendor project owner receives an email notification and can go ahead to assigning the shared job to their own linguists.

* Linguist names are not displayed to external organizations. Only the vendor name is displayed in the buyer's project.

  • Availability

    • Availability is identical with shared projects.
    • Subscribers to all paid editions (with the exception of  1+ Freelancers and Team Start editions) may act as both buyers and vendors.
    • Subscribers to the 1+ Freelancers and Team Start edition may only act as vendors.
  • Limitations

    • Vendors may not add their own translation memory or change project settings. (These features are currently only supported in shared projects.)

Project Management

  • Shared Projects

    • Previously, a project would be assigned to a vendor via the Assign to Vendor button. To share a project with a vendor from now on, go to a project and click on “Share - Share with Vendor…”
    • Please note that “Share with Vendor” will only show if you have created at least one connection with a vendor (you will need the vendor’s token to do this)

  • Fuzzy Repetitions

    • We have renamed the option “Include fuzzy repetitions” to ”Include internal fuzzies” to better express its meaning.
    • This option is displayed when creating a new analysis. From a functional perspective nothing has changed.
  • New Variables in Instant Quote Email Templates

    • instantQuote.submissionDate
    • instantQuote.price
  • New Languages

    • We have started supporting these new languages:

      • Serbian Cyrillic
      • Filipino
  • Project References

    • It is now possible to add just a note as a reference to a project.
    • Previously it was possible to only add files to the reference section of a project. This should make it easier for project managers to add any instructions for linguists and other project collaborators.

File Conversion

  • XLIFF Context Note

    • The context note for XLIFF files can now be user-defined in file import settings.

User Management

  • Enable MT

    • “Enable MT” is a new option introduced for linguist and guest users.
    • This option is enabled by default. If disabled, the user will not have access to MT in a job even if MT is enabled for that job/project.
  • Automated Linguist Deactivation

    • Linguists are notified before they are deactivated through the automated deactivation feature by the following warning:

      • “You have no other jobs in progress and your account will be deactivated until new jobs arrive. Proceed?”
      • The automated linguist deactivation feature is only available in the Team and Ultimate editions and automates linguist activation/deactivation.

Translation Memory

  • Aligner

    • When using a zip file to align multiple source and target files at once and some of the source and target file names are not named correctly, the following warning is now displayed:

      • “Some source file names could not be matched to target file names. Download aligned files that were successfully matched.”
      • Previously no warning was displayed.