AILIA 2014 - Memsource First Live Visit to Canada

Autumn event season has begun. Today our business development manager Josef Kubovsky has crossed the Atlantic for Memsource’s first live visit to Canada. There we are an exhibitor at AILIA Language Industry Showcase 2014, the annual conference of Canadian language industry association. This bilingual French and English event, titled Foire 2014 in French, brings together top Canadian translation companies, procurers, research and standardization professionals.

Josef Kubovsky will deliver two presentations at the Showcase. On the 18th of September he will give a traditional overview of Memsource and its new features, including shared projects, instant quotes and the out-of-Beta web editor. On the 19th of September comes fresh content, titled:

How can LSPs win new business through technology?

This new presentation revolves around growth opportunities that are created when translation companies go tech-savvy and evangelize their software solutions to clients. Here are some tidbits from the presentation.

  • Package translation services and technology together to offer more to prospects;
  • Use API to integrate with customers’ CMS, and stay ahead of competitors that don’t have that level of partnership;
  • Provide platform for client’s in-house reviewers, and get a pulse of what’s happening upstream on the supply chain;
  • Consult and guide your enterprise clients to become their preferred strategic partner in localization and internationalization.

If you are attending #ailia2014, don’t miss this session on Friday, 11.00 am, track B.