Memsource Cloud Already Number Two in Some Markets

Memsource Cloud has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011. The growth was especially strong in emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia but also a number of Asian countries. 

A recent survey published in the Multilingual magazine states that Memsource Cloud is actually the second most popular CAT-tool among top LSPs in Russia. Only SDL Trados has more users within the professional community, as it has been around for a few decades already, while Memsource had its first paying customers in Russia in 2012.

According to the survey, conducted by, 18 out of top 100 translation companies in Russia produce their translations in Memsource.

Among the users are Russia’s largest translation companies Neotech and EGO Translating, which make it every year to CSA’s list of 100 global translation providers. Memsource is also a tool of choice for established and well-known medium-sized LSPs, such as AKM Translations, AG .translate, Exprimo, Alpha and Omega, London-Moscow and MTA.

Some of the factors that have contributed to Memsource’s success in Russia:

  • Memsource is free for linguists. In Russia, CAT tools have been less established than in developed markets and the fact that translation companies can ask any of their translators to translate in Memsource for them is a valuable benefit.
  • Memsource is easier to use than most established CAT tools. Even translators that have no previous CAT-tool experience are able to get started in Memsource very quickly, which is often not the case with other translation tools.
  • The technical support that Memsource provides is very responsive and pro-active.
  • Memsource has localized its website and Memsource Cloud user interface into Russian (in part with the help of community translators).
  • Memsource has been very present in a number of emerging markets, including Russia - sponsoring translation industry trade shows, presenting at conferences, etc.
  • Memsource customers are very happy with the tool and have helped spread the word in their region. This has also been the case with clients in Russia where Memsource has received a number of encouraging testimonials. Some customers would even run Memsource webinars, presentations and even created dedicated pages on their websites.