Filogis Traduction: 20% Growth Thanks to Centralized TM

French legal translation company Filogis Traduction has enjoyed 20% gain in productivity over the year, following the adoption of Memsource as the main translation tool. After switching to the service, the production team was able to centralize their translation memories in Memsource Cloud. This way the translation memories were easily accessible from both offices located in France and Spain.

“Our workflow capacity has improved, and this year Memsource has contributed to a 20% increase in business”, said Pierre Ligavan, the owner of Filogis Traduction.

Compared to their previous CAT tool, Memsource Cloud improved efficiency of project management and allowed faster quoting.

When a client sends a file to be estimated, Filogis project managers use the file Analysis function, which includes word count, and the precise percentage of exact and fuzzy matches. Because translation memory is organized and easy to find, it takes mere moments to process a document and know exactly how much work it will require.

Project managers in the company have a long-standing commitment to respond with a quote within two business hours after receiving a request from a client. But now it takes much less effort and is usually done much faster. Better responsiveness helps Filogis to be more competitive and helpful to their clients.

Filogis Traduction is based in Quimper (Brittany, France) and in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). It is managed by Pierre Ligavan, a sworn translator/interpreter (English and Spanish). The company is specialized in legal translations and works with European languages: French, English, Spanish, Germany, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, etc.

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