Levsha: Using Memsource for Game Localization

Levsha Localization Studio is a leading provider of game localization with a special focus on video games.

We have localized more than 200 projects over the past three years. The largest game publishers and developers in the world trust us with their best games. And we meet their expectations!

As a game localization company we often have to deal with special file formats and workflows. In 2012 we had been actively looking for a translation environment that would have all the required functionality and we can say we have found it: Memsource. It has been two years now that we have been using Memsource.

Translators working with videogames usually don’t like CAT tools and prefer Excel, however Memsource Editor has everything that translators love in Excel (filters, quick search and replace etc.) plus many more features (the TM engine, QA checks, glossary support, quick search in all related TMs and glossaries and much more) which makes translating easier and helps improve quality. What is also very important about Memsource is its friendly user interface. Memsource is really easy to learn and so we had no difficulties introducing Memsource to our translators. Memsource adoption by our translators was so smooth also thanks to the fact that Memsource Editor is free for translators.

Memsource has become a great asset for our project managers. The web-based project dashboard, accessible even from a smartphone and automatic workflow notifications make our project managers’ lives much easier. Simply, the ROI for Memsource has been great for us.

And finally, it is really encouraging to see Memsource developers listen to our comments and feedback. We have seen a lot of the functionality that we had requested appear in new Memsource releases.