Instant Quote Widget for Your Website: Memsource Cloud 4.4 Released

Memsource Cloud 4.4 has been released on Sunday, 29 June 2014 at 8:30 AM GMT. Memsource Cloud 4.4 includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes.


  • Job Widget Renamed to Instant Quote Widget

    • We have renamed the job widget to instant quote widget, a more of a self-explanatory name we think.
    • We have created a dedicated instant quote widget page in our user documentation to better explain its features.

    • Integrate the Widget  into Your Website Using an IFrame

      • It has become very easy to integrate the widget into your website. Simply add the widget’s IFrame HTML code. We have done it right here:
  • Appearance

    • The widget’s appearance can be easily modified by tweaking its colors, using CSS color codes or CSS color names, such as _red, green, azure, _etc.
    • Webmasters can use an additional library that will make it possible to resize the IFrame (covered in our documentation)

  • Default Project Owner

    • It is now possible to set a default project owner for any instant quote widget.
    • The default project owner will be receiving all email notifications related to the widget and will also own all projects generated through the widget.
  • Last Used Values Remembered

    • Values that were last entered in the widget such as source language, email address, etc. are remembered so that they do not need to be entered over and over again.
  • Source and Target Languages

    • It is now possible to narrow down the source and target languages that should be displayed in the widget.
    • However, the widget user can click a “More…” link to have all languages displayed.
  • Paste Text

    • It is now possible to paste text from clipboard directly into the widget as an alternative to uploading a file for translation.
    • Memsource will automatically create a TXT file from the pasted text

  • Note

    • The note field is now displayed also during quote approval, so that any comments can be added when approving the quote.


  • Minimum Price

    • A minimum price can be set per target language under Setup - Price Lists.
    • The minimum price is then reflected in all quotes, including the automatically produced instant quotes.


  • A New Analytics Page

    • We have introduced a new analytics page that can be accessed via Setup - Analytics.
    • We plan to expand on the data and chart types that are currently available. Any suggestions welcome at


  • New Email Macro

    • We have introduced a new macro for email templates: {} in shared projects. An equivalent macro {} is already supported.
  • Default Project Owner

    • When an organization acts as vendor, its buyer(s) are listed in a new section Buyers under Setup.
    • It is now possible to set a default project owner for each buyer.
    • This means that all email notifications related to shared projects of a buyer will be delivered to the vendor organization’s default project owner.


  • More context available

    • When translating, it is important that translators have access to the context of the translated content. This can be especially critical in software localization.

    • Three types of context information have been introduced:

      • Context key

        • For instance the key in a java properties file
        • The context key information is retrieved from source files automatically
        • Supported for: chrome json, csv, desktop entry, dtd, joomla ini, json, mac strings, mif, mozilla properties, po, properties, resjson, resx, srt, ts, windowsrc, xliff, xml, yaml
      • Context note

        • Additional context information
        • Can be set by user in file import settings
        • Supported for: chrome json, csv, json, mac strings, po, resjson, resx, sbv, srt, ts, windowsrc, xliff, xml, yaml
      • Context origin

        • Information about the origin of a segment. This context information is retrieved from the source file.
        • For instance, this value can be “footer” for a segment originating from the footer of a DOCX source file.
        • Supported for: desktop entry, mif, ts, MS Office
    • Important

      • Please note that the context information can be currently viewed only in Memsource Editor 4.153, which is a pre-release version (context info can be toggled via Ctrl+N). We will soon publish an official release and also plan to start supporting context information in Memsource Web Editor in one of the next releases.

User Management

  • Automated Linguist Activation and Deactivation

    • When an inactive linguist user is assigned to a job, the user is automatically activated
    • When a linguist user sets a job to completed and has no other jobs in progress, the linguist user is deactivated
    • This feature will initially only be available in the Ultimate/Biz Ultimate edition, later also in the Team/Biz Team editions.
    • To turn this feature on, go to Setup - Access and Security and select “Activate/deactivate linguists automatically.”

File Conversion

  • New CSV file import **settings:**

  • New JSON file import settings:

  • New YAML file import settings:**

  • New file import option for XLIFF

    • A new file import option has been introduced:

      • “Interpret linebreak/pagebreak tags”
    • With this option selected, XLIFF linebreak and pagebreak tags will create a new segment

Term Base

  • Search  by status

    • It is now possible to search by status in term bases

Machine Translation

  • KantanMT

    • Memsource connector to KantanMT modified a bit to better respond to the situations when KantanMT initializes and does not provide any translations yet
  • Asia Online

    • A new project number field has been added to the Asia Online configuration settings in Memsource