Introducing the Instant Quote Widget: Memsource Cloud 4.3

Memsource Cloud 4.3 has been released on Sunday, 18 May 2014 at 8:30 AM GMT. Memsource Cloud 4.3 includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes. Below are the most important new features:


  • Introducing the instant quote widget

    • The instant quote widget makes it extremely easy for anyone to submit new translation jobs into Memsource and receive instant word count and even a quote. All a person needs to do is click on a link (from a website or intranet - try it yourself) and upload the files for translation. No Memsource login information is needed. Once translated, the person is notified by email and can download the translated files and so the instant quote feature can serve as a mini translation portal:

  • Translation agencies can provide instant quote widgets to their customers and so receive more jobs for translation from them - because the instant quote widget is so easy and convenient to use.

  • Translation buyers can distribute instant quote widgets to any number of their business units and streamline the internal translation process.

  • The instant quote widget is  essentially a URL that can be generated by a Memsource administrator or project manager under Setup - Instant Quotes. an instant quote widget can be associated with a project template in order to apply specific project settings, use a specific price list, translation memories for the analysis, term bases for terminology, etc.

  • A Memsource organization can create any number of instant quote widgets. For instance, a translation company could create an instant quote widget:

    • For each of their major customers
    • For their website
    • The instant quote feature is available to subscribers of all Memsource editions except Personal and 1+ Freelancers.
  • Introducing quotes

    • This feature is currently only available to the subscribers of the new business editions that have been designed for translation buyers.
    • A new section “Quotes” is displayed in projects.
    • A quote can be created based on an existing analysis in a project; a price list and a net rate scheme can be applied.
    • A quote can have the following statuses:
      • New
      • Approved
      • Declined
    • Quotes can be useful for shared projects, e.g. a translation buyer can ask a vendor (translation company) to provide a quote that can be later approved by the buyer.
    • Quotes are available to subscribers with one of the business editions (BIZ Start, BIZ Team or BIZ Ultimate)

  • Introducing price lists

    • Price lists can now be created under Setup - Price Lists.
    • Price lists can be used with quotes and instant quote widgets and are available to subscribers of all Memsource editions except Personal and 1+ Freelancers.

  • New languages supported

    • Karen
    • Scottish Gaelic
    • Chin (Hakha)
    • Chin (Zo)


  • Dedicated editions for translation buyers introduced


  • New file types supported

    • PDF
    • Desktop entry files
    • XML Java properties
    • Joomla ini files
    • Magento csv
    • Mozilla DTD
    • Plist
    • SubViewer
  • New file import options

    • “Convert to Memsource tags (use regexp)” added to the following file filters:

      • Plain text
      • XML
      • XLSX (only with the option “Process HTML code” selected)
    • Custom “Output encoding” can now be set when creating a new job under “Character Set”


  • New API call

    • Login another user

      • This call can be used to create a URL with a special token that can be used to login a user into the Memsource Cloud web UI or the Web Editor.
      • This call can only be called by an administrator user.