Moravia: Integrating Memsource Cloud

This customer testimonial has been provided by Jan Bares, CTO at Moravia

Moravia was founded in 1990. It is headquartered in Brno, the Czech Republic and employs 600+ staff worldwide. Moravia has ranked among the 20 largest language services providers globally since 2004. It provides translation and localization services into over 120 languages from its production centers in Brno, Czech Republic, Nanjing, China, and Rosario, Argentina.

Late in 2012, Moravia started exploring Memsource Cloud to satisfy a client request for a cloud-based solution for localization project handoffs/handbacks, tracking, and related functions. Our goal was to drive all Memsource functionality from within our proprietary project management system to avoid duplicating tasks when creating projects, uploading jobs for translation, analyzing word count, and so forth.

Given our integration goals, we liked Memsource Cloud primarily for its open architecture, which provides almost all of its functionality via public APIs. After running a few dozen pilot projects through Memsource Cloud, we also appreciated its online editing capabilities, its feature-rich design, and its automation. Once we selected Memsource Cloud, it took less than two months to integrate the solution with our in-house project management system.

Almost all of our integration needs were covered by available Memsource Cloud APIs. There were a couple of API calls that we have asked the Memsource development team to add. We were impressed with the rapid delivery of these additional calls. Some were in production already in a week, and the rest within just three weeks.

After deploying Memsource Cloud, we engaged our vendors to interact with our own system for PM tasks like accepting jobs or analyzing word count, while all linguistic tasks like translation or revision took place in Memsource Cloud. Linguists were free to work in either the desktop Memsource Editor (still connected to Memsource Cloud) or in the fully web-based Memsource Web Editor. Feedback from our vendors and project managers has been very positive.

To date, we have processed more than 60 thousand translation jobs through Memsource Cloud, which has handled imports of many files at once, leveraging very large translation memories, and it’s clearly a robust solution. We’ve already increased the number of projects we process in Memsource Cloud, and we’ve asked Memsource to help us integrate our custom machine translation and quality assurance engines for our implementation. Memsource Cloud is one of several key technologies we’re betting on for agile client support and future growth.