TrueLanguage Chooses Memsource Cloud

This customer testimonial has been provided by Uli Dendy, CEO of TrueLanguage, a translation company based in Atlanta.

At TrueLanguage, we’re a small business with a roster of large-scale technical, industrial and commercial clients. These projects often involve huge amounts of text, sometimes being translated into more than twenty languages at a time. Early last year, we were searching for an easy, effective and consistent way to connect our vast network of translators with such large projects, and to avoid the confusion and slowdown caused by differing CAT tools and the occasional difficulties of collaboration during the project’s lifetime.

Memsource has been a major boon to us, as a place where our translators and project managers can interact with each other and with our documents, from any location and in real time. We have been especially pleased at MemSource’s ability to import and export virtually any document type called for in our projects, without compromising document formatting and content. The app allows our project management team to monitor each translator’s progress at every stage of the workflow, which is extremely useful when coordinating high-volume, multi-language projects.

Another of MemSource’s greatest assets is its simplicity of use. As we move more and more of our translation workload into MemSource, we have been delighted to note the ease and speed with which our translators have been able to acclimate themselves to it, after years of working with other CAT tools, sometimes exclusively. In this respect, we’re very grateful for the downloadable Memsource editor client for working offline. We work with translators all over the world, many in regions where Internet access is less than ideal. With Memsource Editor, the minutes needed to download the source and re-upload the completed translation are all they need. Memsource brings security, rapidity, connectivity and convenience to our work processes, and lets us focus on maximizing our business.