TextMinded: Collaborating with Our Clients in Memsource Cloud

This customer testimonial has been provided by TextMinded Danmark’s Britta Aagard (CEO) and Robert Etches (CIO)

TextMinded Danmark A/S is a major player in the Nordic translation market. Serving high-profile customers such as the LEGO Group, SAP, Bang & Olufsen and hundreds of others, TextMinded® was looking for translation technology that would support a seamless collaboration between the translation company’s staff and its clients’ in-house language experts.

In 2012 TextMinded® Danmark made a strategic decision to use Memsource as its preferred cloud translation technology, connecting its project managers and linguists with the client’s language staff after several months of planning and running test projects.

Aarhus University was selected as TextMinded’s first client to be migrated to Memsource. At the end of 2013, after one year of production in Memsource, Aarhus University’s Language Services Manager, Lenore Messick, summarized their experience:

“Memsource has fulfilled – and surpassed - our expectations. We were very quickly able to start running all internal and external translation projects in Memsource. The licensing policy has allowed us to adjust the tool to our needs as they increase, quickly and painlessly. This is particularly important in a large organization with a lot of semi-autonomous units: we are able to adjust to keep pace with the changes in our organization without a lot of complex negotiation with our IT department.”

Drawing on the success of the Aarhus University project, and utilizing many advanced features that had been developed by TextMinded® on top of Memsource APIs, TextMinded® deployed Memsource along with its own proprietary software with a dozen of its key clients by the end of 2013. TextMinded® had transcended the translation silo a long time ago, and the partnership with Memsource further supports this important evolution. 2013 also saw the development of a TextMinded® crowdsourcing platform that fully integrates Memsource.

TextMinded® is looking forward to the exciting new collaboration features that Memsource has scheduled for 2014, and says they plan to utilize Memsource in their drive to synergise their clients’ language resources in a move they have labelled Sustainable Communication.