Aarhus University: 1 Year after Switching to Memsource Cloud

This customer testimonial has been provided by Lenore Messick, Language Services Manager at Aarhus University:

At Aarhus University Language Services, which provides the university’s administration with translation services (primarily from English to Danish), we have been using Memsource for all translation projects since December 2012. Our decision to implement Memsource was based on a detailed analysis of the university’s needs and a comparative analysis of the leading CAT tools on the market. We needed a flexible, robust CAT tool that would not require extensive internal IT support and maintenance. Ideally, the tool also needed to be easy to learn, as the university has a very large number of translators spread out across departments, centers and administrative divisions, but limited resources available for translator training.  As the university also makes extensive use of external translators, the tool needed to support collaboration with these external suppliers. Memsource appeared to fit the bill on all three counts, especially as compared to the CAT tool we used before MemSource. (I should mention that I have considerable experience with translation software both as a translator and a project manager.)

Memsource has fulfilled – and surpassed - our expectations. All of the staff translators at Language Services who had worked with our previous CAT tool made the transition to Memsource smoothly, and we trained several translators with no previous CAT tool experience in a matter of days. We were very quickly able to start running all internal and external translation projects in MemSource.

As a translator, proofreader and project manager who also trains other linguists in using MemSource, I find that Memsource has all of the core features our organization needs. The tool’s focus on the functions that linguists and project managers actually use without a lot of extra bells and whistles makes it easy to learn and easy to teach.  The licensing policy has allowed us to adjust the tool to our needs as they increase, quickly and painlessly. This is particularly important in a large organization with a lot of semi-autonomous units: we are able to adjust to keep pace with the changes in our organization without a lot of complex negotiation with our IT department or management, which is very cost-conscious.

I would particularly like to emphasize the quality of MemSource’s online support. I have never had to wait long for a response, and the response is always courteous and useful, no matter how minor the problem. Memsource are also extremely focused on optimizing their tools to meet our needs, and they have worked closely with us and our major supplier to design custom workflows and to integrate a third-party MT engine into our interface. We feel that we are a valued customer for Memsource – a rare experience in any business and particularly remarkable in the world of cloud-based IT products! In short, I recommend Memsource highly.

Lenore Messick

Language Services Manager at Aarhus University