New Data Storage Policy: Memsource Cloud 3.7 Released

Memsource is one the few cloud-based translation technology providers that do not charge for storage. Users, except in the free Personal edition, may store as many projects, jobs, translation memories, etc. as they wish (providing the storage volume is within reasonable limits).

Memsource Cloud has been in operation for over 2 years now and that also means we store a lot of data including a lot of old data. When we analyzed how often projects older than 12 months are accessed/used, we realized that almost never. The vast majority of 12+ months old projects just sit in Memsource Cloud and take up space.

Therefore, we have decided to introduce changes to our storage policy that will come into effect with the release of Memsource Cloud 3.7 on 22 September 2013.

Recycle Bin

Data in the recycle bin that has been deleted before 30 days or earlier will get permanently deleted (as of 22 September 2013).


Projects older than 12 months will get permanently deleted by the system (as of 5 February 2014). However, users will be able to postpone the deletion for selected projects or purchase extra project lifetime when subscribing.

When a project gets deleted, the project’s jobs, analyses and reference files get also deleted. After being deleted, the project will be stored for 30 days in the recycle bin after which it will get permanently deleted.

It will not be possible to create new jobs in projects older than 6 months (as of 22 September 2013). However, users will be able to re-enable the creation of new jobs for selected projects.

Please note that a project’s age (how old a project is) is based on the project creation date.

Translation Memories and Term Bases

We will not delete any translation memories or term bases, except those that have been in the recycle bin for more than 30 days.

What Users Should Do by 30 January 2014

Users should check between 23 September and 30 January 2014 whether they still need to preserve any of their old projects. If so, they should postpone the deletion for such projects.


If you have any questions, let us know.