Memsource Web Editor 3.32 Released

Memsource Web Editor 3.32 has been released on Thursday, 5 September 2013 at 5:30 am GMT and is now available to Memsource users. We have still retained the “beta” tag for Web Editor for the time being and expect to drop it by the end of year 2013 when it should be on par with the more mature Memsource Editor. Memsource Web Editor 3.32 includes a number of improvements and bug fixes. Let’s take a look at the most important new features:


  • Terms get highlighted automatically
    • Previously, terms would get automatically displayed for a segment only in the CAT pane
    • Now they get also highlighted in the source segment

  • Terms can be edited
    • Previously, terms could only be added from within the Web Editor
    • Now, terms can be edited directly by selecting the term in the CAT pane and then clicking on the source term/target term hyperlink

  • Notes and usage examples are displayed
    • When there is a note or usage example, an asterisk (*) is displayed next to the term in the CAT pane and when the term is selected, the note and/or usage example gets displayed
    • Please note that in order to display a note or usage example in the Memsource Editor or Memsource Web Editor, it has to be entered for the source term in the term base

Search and Replace/Filtering

  • Case sensitivity
    • Case sensitivity can be used an additional condition when filtering/searching/replacing text in the translation table

Document Menu

  • The Document menu is now more complete as we have added 2 additional options:
    • Export to Bilingual DOCX
    • Import from Bilingual DOCX

Status Bar

  • Status bar introduced
    • We have introduced a status bar (similar to the one in Memsource Editor)
    • The following gets displayed:
      • All/confirmed segments
      • All/confirmed words
      • All/confirmed characters

Changes Pane

  • The changes pane has been added
    • This pane displays changes made for the selected segment against other workflow steps