Memsource Cloud 3.5 Released

Memsource Cloud 3.5 has been released on Sunday, 14 July at 20:20 GMT. Memsource Cloud 3.5 includes over 60 improvements and bug fixes. Let’s have a look at the most important new features:

Project Management

  • 100 jobs displayed per page
    • Previously, Memsource would display 50 jobs per page in projects with 50+ jobs
    • We have raised this to 100 jobs per page now
  • Import of large batches of files faster
    • We have significantly speeded up the import of large batches of files (e.t. 100+ files) into Memsource Cloud
  • Update of segmentation rules  through XLSX
    • Previously, segmentation rules could be updated through SRX or CSV
    • While there is no change for SRX, the CSV format has been replaced by XLSX
    • We found XLSX is easier to handle for most users
    • Read more on segmentation in our documentation site


  • Tag numbering now spans across multiple segments
    • Previously, tag were numbered separately for each segment
    • The numbering is now configured per paragraph and can span across a multiple segments
    • This allows for higher flexibility when placing target tags in a different order from the source tags in joined segments
    • Tags that come from the same paragraph can now be placed in any order in a joined segment
    • Memsource Editor 3.121 or higher is required for this feature to function properly
    • The screenshot below compares the way tags were numbered previously (left) and in the new version (right). The difference in numbering can be spotted in segments 8 and 10:


  • New option for HTML files: Preserve whitespaces
    • Whitespace characters (spaces, tabs, newlines…) normally do not carry a lot of meaning in HTML files
    • That is why they will not get preserved in the target file
    • If you want to preserve whitespace characters, select the new option “Preserve whitespaces”


  • New API call: Pre-translate
    • The new pre-translate call makes it possible to batch pre-translate a job by calling api/v3/job/preTranslate
    • Read more on the pre-translate API call in our documentation
  • New API call: Edit Job
    • It is now possible to edit jobs via our API
    • For instance, it is possible to reassign a job to another linguist
    • Read more on the edit job API call in our documentation
  • Access & Security Settings
    • Access & Security Settings can now be controlled via our API
    • For instance, it is possible to enable Memsource Web Editor for linguist users