Supporting Software Localization and More: Memsource Cloud 3.4

Memsource Cloud 3.4 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 23 June at 18:00 GMT. Memsource Cloud 3.4 includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes. Let’s have a look at the most important new features:

New File Types for Software Localization

  • We have added support for a number of file types that are used for software localization
    • iOS/Mac Strings
    • JSON
    • Haiku CatKeys
    • SRT
    • Skype Language Files
    • TS files
    • YAML

MS Office Templates Now Supported

  • Microsoft Office template files are now supported
    • DOT, DOTX
    • POT, POTX
    • XLT, XLTX

A New Option for XLIFF, SDLXLIFF and TTX

  • A new option has been introduced for XLIFF, SDLXLIFF, TTX: “Save confirmed segments to TM on import”
    • When selected, segments that get imported as confirmed (e.g. in-context matches, signed-off segments, etc.), get automatically saved into the project’s TM in the write mode

Project Management

  • Translation progress monitoring
    • Progress is now measured as the percentage of characters in confirmed segments
    • Previously the percentage was based on the percentage of confirmed segments which was less precise (there can be segments with a lot of text or very little text and that was not taken into account)

  • User-related metadata can now be hidden
    • There is a new option under project settings: “User metadata displayed to linguists in Memsource Editor”
    • This option is by default selected. If unselected, linguist users will not see any user-related metadata in Memsource Editor
    • This feature will work correctly in Memsource Editor 3.114 and above
  • Completing jobs with not confirmed locked segments
    • Previously, linguists were not able to confirm jobs that were locked and not confirmed. This is possible now.
  • Web Editor enabled for linguists (a global setting)
    • This setting was previously only possible to set for a specific projects
    • Now it is possible to set this option globally and it will affect all new projects
  • Email notifications setting
    • It is now possible to disable all email notifications for a project
    • This can be useful if Memsource is used via API and the customer has their own solution for email notifications
  • Memsource Editor version displayed for each user
    • When you go to your user list, a new column will be available, titled “Editor Version” that will provide details on the status of Memsource Editor version for each user (never used, very outdated, outdated, OK)
    • Please note that you may need to customize your column settings first in order to have it displayed

Machine Translation

  • LetsMT engine now supported
    • We have introduced an out-of-the-box support of the LetsMT machine translation engine


  • Get character count without TM analysis
    • The Create New Analysis API has a new parameter includeTransMemory that makes it possible to get just the word/character count without the TM analysis


  • A new credit card payment processor
    • We have introduced an additional credit card payment processor that will be used to primarily process credit card transactions when paying for MemSource
    • If you had problems with paying via PayPal, you can now try using the new method
    • We still keep PayPal for the time being
  • Memsource Cloud user interface localization