Translate Memsource into Your Language

When signing up for a Memsource Cloud account, users can now select their preferred language. As you can see from the screenshot above, we currently offer just English, Russian and Japanese and the translations are described as “community translation.” This is because they have been provided by Memsource users.

As you may now, Memsource Cloud as a translation environment supports close to 300 languages. However, we only support 3 languages in our user interface. To change this imbalance, we have decided to open up Memsource UI to more languages. If you are interested to translate Memsource into your language, read on.

Who Qualifies

To qualify as a Memsource community translator, you should be familiar with Memsource Cloud and you should also be a native speaker of the language into which you intend to translate. All of this is of course made much easier thanks to the fact that most of our users are professional translators.


The translation volume is quite moderate and includes just Memsource Cloud user interface and not the documentation. The initial batch is approximately 4,000 words and after that there are just monthly updates (whenever there is a new version) that are typically around 200 words. The translation is done in a special account of Memsource Cloud that is provided to the translator.


Instead of a cash payment, which would be very small because of the limited volume, we prefer to provide specific benefits to the translators, such as a free custom domain or other advantages related to the user’s Memsource Cloud account. An additional benefit that we have introduced recently is a link to the translator’s website. The link on the Setup page gets displayed to all Memsource Cloud users that have selected the given language. See an example for Russian below (as you can see the link message is not localized yet :)

 How to Get Started

Contact us at and provide us with your Memsource username and language into which you would like to translate. Please note that currently we have 1 translator per language, so we may get out of stock soon for some languages :)