Memsource User Reviews on, “The translation workplace,” has recently launched a software comparison tool that makes it possible to compare and rate translation software products. users have also written reviews on them and we are bringing excerpts of what has been written on MemSource:

“Memsource has been around since mid-2011 and already looks to be a serious competitor on the Tent market.”

Emma Goldsmith

“As a translation agency we have been using Memsource for about seven months and find it very helpful for the purposes of consistency and translating sizable documents that we split between several people.  It’s one of the best tools we have ever used.”

Amaranthe Translations

“Probably the lightest, most cost effective tool for sharing translation projects and databases among translators. For a monthly fee, you can translate as many words as you want, without any restriction, which is quite generous comparing to its competitors … that usually limit the monthly word amount.”

Gyula Erdész

“We have been using Memsource since July 2012 and are now running a large number of our projects with it. From an agency perspective, Memsource is extremely easy to implement. In our experience, Memsource has been extremely robust. There have been zero critical incidents since we started using it.”

Martin Heimann, Managing Partner, Orange Translations Ltd.

“First of all, Memsource Editor is free of charge, so the fact that the LSP I work for has decided to implement Memsource and has asked me to translate in this environment does not cost me a single penny.”

Pavel Krivda

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