Encrypted Communication in Memsource Editor - Version 1.76 Released

We have released Memsource Editor 1.76 today with a couple of improvements:

  • Encrypted communication
    • Encrypted communication between Memsource Cloud servers and Memsource Editor is now supported. To enable it, add the https prefix to the Server url under File - Preferences - Login:

  • Repetition exception
    • An exception to the repetition chain can be introduced by clicking on the repetition icon and marking one or more of the repetitions as a repetition exception:

  • File name displayed
    • The file name gets now displayed in Memsource Editor’s status bar. This is exceptionally useful for joined files but also for all other files:

  • Not Allowed - a new QA check
    • This new QA check has been introduced in Memsource Cloud 2.8 and this is what the what it looks like in Memsource Editor when the warning gets displayed: