ApSIC Xbench 3.0 Integrated with Memsource Editor

The popular quality assurance tool ApSIC Xbench is now getting ready for its 3.0 release (at this moment 3.0 beta is available). We are glad that the creator of Xbench, Josep Condal, decided to introduce an integration between Xbench and Memsource Editor.

This is how it works (as provided by Josep):

  1. Open Xbench 3.0 and click Project->New
  2. In the Project Properties dialog, add your MXLIFF files with drag an drop or with the button Add…
  3. Close the Project Properties dialog to load all your files
  4. In the Search tab, type something that you know can be found in the files
  5. Choose one of the entries, right click and choose Edit Source

The integration includes both the ability to process MXLIFF files in Xbench and an integration between Xbench and Memsource Editor that makes it possible to jump to a segment in Memsource Editor that a user has selected in  Xbench.