Apriori Translations CEO Shares Feedback on Memsource Cloud

Apriori Translations CEO, Yulia Tulinova, based Moscow has shared her feedback on managing a rush project in Memsource Cloud:

“Just wanted to share our recent experience of running a rush project on the Memsource platform. I think this was an interesting experience of developing  a term base in the cloud – something that cannot be done outside the cloud environment. It was an IT>EN translation of a package of legal documents – about 100 pages in 2  days. We had 5 translators involved. Obviously, we had no time or additional resources to prepare a term base, which was very important for the consistency of the translation. So we asked the translators to add to it the terms which they consider important and recurrent. Some of the terms raised debates among the translators – thus, they suggested “a member, a participant and a shareholder” as an equivalent of an Italian term “socio”. In the comments to their translation files they explained their choice, which helped our editor to approve one of the terms and “ban” the rest in the term base. Also, the QA function helped checking the consistency of the term use. It actually enabled us to complete the project in a limited timeframe.