Project Filters, Reference Files and More: Memsource Cloud 2.7 Released

Memsource Cloud 2.7 has just been released. This new version includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes. These are some of the most notable new features:

  • We have introduced a new Memsource edition to which our users can subscribe. It has been named “Unlimited”, as it  includes all features that Memsource offers. Its main differentiator from the Team edition is that it provides access to Memsource APIs.
  • Project managers can now add reference files to projects. Reference files will be visible to all linguists that have been assigned a job in the project.

  • A new field “Owner” (project owner) has been introduced. This field is editable and any project manager or administrator user can be selected as the project owner. By default the project owner is the user who created the project.
  • A project filter has been introduced to enable project managers to have more options in which to have their projects displayed.

  • The Tauyou MT engine has been added as an ouf-of-the-box machine translation configuration.
  • The configuration options of our XML filter have been greatly improved; For instance, if translatable content can is identified by an attribute value, such as translatable=”true”, it can now be easily extracted for translation.
  • The character count in an analysis used to include spaces. It does not anymore.
  • New API calls have been added that allow comparing MXLIFF files; We will use these API calls to provide a new functionality in Memsource Editor, which will be announced very soon - a track changes feature.