Self-learning Features, Improved Worfklows, New APIs - Memsource Cloud 2.4 Release

Memsource Cloud 2.4 was released on 3 September 2012. Read more about the new features below or watch a recording of a Memsource webinar that provided an overview of the new features (the 2.4 release includes over 100 improvements and bug fixes).

First, an Important UI Change

  • Introducing inactive menu buttons:
    • Until you select a file in your project, menu buttons (such as Download, Pre-translate, etc.) will be displayed as inactive (since we do not know to which file you want to apply that action). After selecting a file, the buttons will become active, so that you can download, analyze, pre-translate …  the selected file(s)

Buttons Inactive

Buttons Active

The New Features

  • Self-learning capability: Memsource will automatically suggest relevant linguists (only in the Team edition)
    • When assigning a job to a linguist, Memsource will suggest most relevant linguists automatically, based on the linguist’s previous jobs
    • The suggestion criteria can also be set and modified manually on the user’s detail page
  • Linguist users can be assigned custom roles, such as proofreader, editor, reviewer, checker, validator, post-editor, etc. (only in the Team edition)
  • Project managers and administrators can now create unlimited number of users and select which users will be active (only in the Team edition)

Unlimited Number of Users; Select Active Users

  • Linguists can now access a project’s term base in the linguist portal
    • By default linguists may edit “new” (not approved) terms
    • A project manager or administrator may, in addition, allow specific linguists to “edit and delete approved terms”, effectively promoting that linguist user to a terminologist
    • If multiple term bases are selected for a project, only the one in the write mode is displayed to the linguist in the linguist portal
  • Unapproved terms (“new” terms) are now displayed in gray in Memsource Cloud, so that they can be easily distinguished from approved terms that are displayed in black color font
  • Different translation memories can be assigned to workflow steps in a project (only in the Team edition)
    • Previously, all workflow steps in a project had to share identical translation memories. Now it is possible to assign different translation memories to different workflow steps in a project
  • Alerting a user to the status of the preceding workflow step (only in the Team edition)
    • If a preceding workflow step has not yet been completed, the user is alerted to this fact - the indicator of the number of segments confirmed turns red and a message is displayed, e.g. “previous workflow step not completed (85% confirmed)”
  • For locked jobs, confirming a segment or uploading to server is blocked
  • Email templates allow defining a cc email address (e.g. to copy all communication to an email archive)
  • When editing multiple jobs at once, users can now decide which specific fields should be batch updated and which should be left intact (these can be removed)
  • Improved deployment process
    • Minor Memsource releases (these are most frequent) get now deployed without any interruption to the Memsource Cloud service
  • New API calls have been added: