Segment Status Filtering: Memsource Editor 1.56

We have recently released Memsource Editor 1.56. This new version introduces additional filtering options, specifically segment filtering by segment status. A previous version (1.49) has introduced segment filtering by text content.

Version 1.56 introduces segment filtering by segment status.

A user can filter segments that are:

  • Empty

  • 1st repetition

  • With a comment

  • Confirmed

  • Not confirmed

  • With resolved comments

  • With not resolved comments

Or based on their pre-translate status:

  • 101%

  • 100%

  • Fuzzy

  • MT

  • Non-translatables

Additional features include:

  • Displaying spaces (via Format - Show Spaces)

  • Displaying notes and usage examples for terms

  • Displaying post-edited machine translation in a track-change mode

  • Allowing a user to ignore false quality assurance warnings