UK's SBC Translations Choose Memsource Cloud

SBC Translations, a UK-based translation and localization company, decided in the summer of 2011 that the legacy desktop translation tools they were using did not match their fast-paced translation business anymore. A decision was made by the business owner to purchase new translation technology that would allow efficient sharing of translation memories and terminology across the entire team: project managers, inhouse and freelance translators. Instead of mailing TMX files back and forth, users would just connect to the centrally stored translation memory and other translation data.

The decision was made but a question remained - which product should be selected? SBC management did not want to take any chances. For six months, they tested, month after month, 6 different translation tools. In the end they decided to go with Memsource Cloud and subscribed to its Team Start edition in March 2012.

Cherie Plaice, SBC founder said: “We were looking for a team-oriented translation tool that would adjust to our needs and not the other way round. We have been using Memsource Cloud for over 4 months now, completed hundreds of translation projects in it, and are extremely happy with this technology.”

Hannah Davies, Project Manager at SBC added: “Memsource gives flexibility that we did not have before. Its translator’s workbench, Memsource Editor, is available as a free download, so we do not have to worry about freelancers having to license Memsource before we start working with them. Also, it is much easier now to take on large translation projects and rely on Memsource support us all the way with keeping terminology and style consistent.”