The MT Post-editing Experiment Has Been Kicked Off

The Machine Translation Post-editing Experiment has been kicked off on June 21, 2012 at a webinar hosted by GALA (watch the recording).

Did you not make it for the kick-off webinar? You can still join the experiment, which goes until September 2012. Visit the wiki page of the MT post-editing Experiment and learn how to get started.

The kick-off webinar took place on** Thursday, June 21** and was  hosted by the Globalization and Localization Association.

Presenters David Canek, CEO of Memsource Technologies, and Joergen Danielsen, Owner and Managing Director of EULE Lokalisierung GmbH, provided webinar attendees with an MT post-editing starter kit that includes the necessary advice to easily get started on MT post-editing with zero financial costs.

Webinar attendees will run their own MT post-editing pilots and are invited to attend a follow-up webinar in September where results will be summarized, examined, and discussed.