German LSP lingoking Chooses Memsource Cloud

Germany’s lingoking is an innovative language service provider based in Munich. Towards the end of 2011 lingoking started a search for translation memory software that would match its fast-paced translation business. After 3 months of extensive testing lingoking decided to go with Memsource Cloud.

Co-founder and Executive of lingoking, Timo Müller said: “There were a number of reasons for choosing Memsource Cloud. Firstly, Memsource does a good job of centralizing all translation resources, such as translation memories, terminology and files for translation. Secondly, it is crucial that translators can access Memsource Cloud for free. What really decided was the dedication of the Memsource team and the support we got from them during the trial and that we continue to receive after becoming customers.”

Memsource founder and CEO David Canek said: “It is very reassuring to see fast-growing and forward-looking translation companies to become our customers. We are excited that Memsource Cloud can help drive the innovation that lingoking is bringing to Germany and the world.”