Memsource Cloud - Just Arrived in Finland

David Canek and Josef Kubovsky of Memsource have just arrived in Helsinki to show off the latest features of Memsource Cloud 2.0.

Memsource participates in two events in Finland:

  1. The Annual EUATC Conference

This is the annual conference of the European Association of Translation Companies. It has started today and will conclude tomorrow afternoon. Memsource is a sponsor and exhibits its products here.

This is a photo that we have just taken with Josef’s phone - sorry for the poor quality.

  1. We have been invited by the Finnish Association of Translators to provide an introductory training to their members. This event will take place on Saturday 28 April at 9:00am, entrance is free, the venue is Helsinki University (Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, Auditorium XIV on 2nd floor).