Memsource Cloud from a Japanese Perspective

We have asked one of our Asian customers for feedback on Memsource Cloud. Masa Kajiki of MK Translation Firm, which provides mainly intellectual property translations, wrote this:

Our translation agency, based in Osaka, Japan, has been using Memsource Cloud since November 2011. We specialize in patent translations and other IP-related translation assignments. Therefore, one of our requirements was a high degree of information security. After a careful examination, we found Memsource Cloud to comply with our data security requirements, both in terms of legal and technical aspects (all communication being encrypted, and last but not least, covered by an NDA).

We found that it is much easier to control the quality of our translations with Memsource Cloud thanks to the fact that translation memory as well as terminology management is completely centralized. When a change is made to the term base or translation memory, it is immediately available to all of our translators. If I was to sum up our experience, I found Memsource Cloud to be a very efficient CAT tool for our project managers as well as translators. It is very user-friendly but at the same time provides the functionality you would expect from 21st century translation software. And the fact that the translator’s workbench is available for free made the adoption by our translators very easy.

For all these reasons we have just recently decided to expand our use of Memsource Cloud, effectively doubling the number of users we have there and making it our primary CAT tool.