Memsource Cloud 2.0 Has Arrived

We have released Memsource Cloud 2.0 to all our customers on  April 12, 2012 at 8:30am GMT.

All Memsource users should install the latest version of Memsource Editor (1.39). Otherwise they do not need to take any special action. However, they should consider the following:

  • Memsource Cloud 2.0 features will only be available for new projects (created after the release of Memsource Cloud 2.0). Existing projects will not be affected by this release in any way and remain, of course, fully functional.
  • Memsource Plugin will not be supported any more for new projects. However, for projects created before the April 12, 2012, the Plugin will remain functional.
  • If you have not done so already, start using Memsource Editor instead of the Plugin. Memsource Editor requires the MXLIFF bilingual format, which you can download from any Memsource project via the Download button.
  • The bilingual DOCX format continues to be supported also in Memsource Cloud 2.0

If you have any questions, contact our support.

These are some of the new feature Memsource Cloud 2.0 brings:

Comments with Resolved/Unresolved Status

A commenting feature with comment status (resolved/unresolved) makes it much easier to share translator/reviser/customer feedback across all workflow steps.

Version Control and Translation Workflow

Memsource got version control and workflow management. A project manager can now set up a workflow for a project, e.g. translation -> revision -> sign-off. Even complex workflows can be managed in an easy and user-friendly way. (Workflow is only available in the Team edition).

Split Files Get Displayed in Projects

Split files get now displayed in projects just as any other translation jobs. And they can be analyzed, pre-translated, joined and even further split. In the image below, the file Highlights.pptx was split into three parts, each representing an autonomous translation job.

Better Quality Assurance

Additional checks to QA have been added and reporting has been improved. As a result of that a project manager can immediately see whether QA has been run or not on a translation job.  For each translation project a project manager can select which quality assurance checks are mandatory:

Better Segmentation

In Memsource Cloud 2.0 default or custom segmentation rules can be selected for a translation job.

Additional Improvements

And there are over a hundred additional small improvements…