Why Memsource Cloud?

This is a summary of feedback we got from our customers - translation agencies and corporate translation departments -  as to why they chose Memsource Cloud to be their preferred translation environment:

Note: Updated July 2017

  1. A complete solution. With translation memory, term base, integrated machine translation, quality assurance, and a web-based as well as desktop translator’s workbench, Memsource is a complete translation environment.

  2. Free for your translators. Translators do not have to license any software to translate in Memsource. A translation company that subscribes to Memsource can ask anyone to translate for them.

  3. Offline capability. **Memsource Cloud is one of the very few cloud translation systems that also supports offline translation - with Memsource Editor.

  4. Encrypted. Communication in Memsource is encrypted and your data is completely private.

  5. API-enabled. Many Memsource features can be driven programmatically, using Memsource public APIs.

  6. Flexible pricing. Upgrade and downgrade your subscription as you need without investing up front.

  7. Machine translation under control. Machine translation can increase productivity but it can also ruin translation quality if misused. With the Memsource post-editing analysis, project managers can fully control MT usage as well as the translator’s actual MT post-editing effort.

  8. Hassle-free upgrades. Memsource Cloud has continual updates without any downtime or upgrades needed. So much easier than upgrading desktop or server software. Thanks to the Cloud platform, we can deliver new features much faster.

  9. Multiplatform. Memsource works on Mac and Linux, not just on Windows.

  10. Centralized. All your data in Memsource is centralized. This means that you do not have to email translation memories or glossaries to your translators, they simply connect to them.

  11. Automation. Connect your Memsource account to your current technology platforms and set it up to regularly check for new translations.

  12. Real time. Everything that happens in and around Memsource Cloud is tracked in real time. Project managers can monitor the progress of each translation job minute by minute.

  13. Collaborative. Collaboration is a matter of fact in Memsource. Translation memories and term bases can be shared and updated by all project members, in line with their user rights.

  14. User-friendly. Memsource is easy to use and at the same time offers powerful features. Many translation tools have bloated interfaces with a number of bizarre options that very few users will actually use.

  15. Great support. Our technical support is fast, friendly and direct.

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