JABA Translations Has Organized an Event on Machine Translation

Yesterday I got back from Villa Nova de Gaia at the outskirts of Porto, Portugal. Josef, my collague, decided to stay one day longer and - unfortunately - was hit by the strike of air traffic controllers in Frankfurt and got stuck at the airport - how typical of him :).

The event, with about 30 attendants was generously hosted by the CEO and founder of JABA, Joaquim Alves. JABA has recently deployed machine translation technology provided by Asia Online and Joaquim summarized their early experiences, which certainly looked promising.

Asia Online CEO Dion Wiggins shared his views on machine translation in the LSP context: those LSPs that deploy MT today will enjoy a competitive advantage for some time. By 2015 it will be the industry-standard to MT post-edit and it will be a competitive disadvantage NOT to use MT as a productivity booster for human translation.

I had a presentation on the Memsource approach to machine translation integration. Memsource is a proponent of tight MT integration into the CAT environment and a pioneer of the machine translation post-editing analysis.

Apart from being set in a beautiful location at the ocean, this gathering showed the strength of small events, when well organized and attended by a highly knowledgeable crowd.

Posted by David Canek, CEO, MemSource