Version 1.22 of Memsource Editor Released

Earlier today we have released version 1.22 of Memsource Editor. There is not much in terms of visible new features. We have added the support for inserting a non-breaking space (or hard space as it is sometimes called). It can be inserted from the Edit menu or via the Ctrl+Shift+Space keyboard shortcut.

The “invisible” enhancements were twofold. We believe we have fixed an issue for which the Editor got occasionally  instable - it is perhaps too early to make any definitive conclusion but we are cautiously optimistic.

Another set of enhancements are related to the upcoming release of Memsource Cloud 2.0. We have added support for the fundamental features of the 2.0 version. And in fact next week some of our customers will start testing Memsource Cloud 2.0 with the Editor.