Memsource Editor 1.17 Released with Server Status Bar

A new release of Memsource Editor is out: 1.17

As always, this version brings a number of small improvements and bug fixes. There is, however, one feature that stands out: We have introduced a much needed server status bar, which provides real-time information on the user’s connection status to Memsource Cloud servers. The status bar can be:

  • green = connected
  • red = not connected
  • gray = connected but no translation memory or term base assigned to the bilingual file that’s open in the Editor

What gets monitored:

  • Login (whether the user logged in successfully from the Editor)
  • TM (translation memory server connection status)
  • TB (term base server connection status)
  • MT (machine translation server connection status)

Memsource Editor will get upgraded automatically to existing users, new users can download it from here.