Version 101 Released with a New Wiki File Filter

Version 1.101 got just released to Memsource Cloud. It introduces some minor improvements and bug fixes.

In terms of new features it brings a brand new wiki file filter, which allows importing MediaWiki wiki content into Memsource for translation. The MediaWiki software has become popular mainly thanks to Wikipedia, which it powers. However, some companies, like MemSource, have decided to publish their software documentation online instead of the traditional Adobe InDesign/PDFs. The main reason why we have developed the wiki file filter is to be able to efficiently localize our documentation/user guides.

We have already done a small test on the Memsource Editor Installation page with the new file filter and it worked pretty well. This is its version in:

We will not stop here of course and will introduce more multilingual content soon - and will welcome any contributions from our user community. Let us know if you would like to join via our Contact page.