Agile Memsource: 1 Year to Get from Version 1 to 100

This morning we have upgraded Memsource Cloud to version 1.100. You may believe it or not but it is exactly a year ago when we tagged the first version of Memsource Cloud with 1.0. This is the version 1.0 time stamp that we have retrieved from our versioning system:

Wed Jan 19 14:21:12 CET 2011

This means that in 2011 we have been pretty agile. The release cycle was on average 3.6 days. In reality it was the first months of the year that were so crazy fast in terms of our release cycle. More recently our release cycle has slowed down to every one to two weeks for a new version release.

Today we had a little discussion whether we should jump from 1.99 to  2.0. Instead we have simply cotinued to 1.100. The reason is that we have decided to save 2.0 for a major release of the next-generation Memsource Cloud that we are planning in not so distant future.