New MS Excel Import Options, Machine Translation Improvements, New Email Feature

We have released a new version of Memsource Cloud yesterday morning with a number of improvements. These are some of them:

1. New MS Excel Import Options

We have added three new options:

  • Import sheet names
  • Import editable texts from drawings
  • Import hidden columns, hidden rows, and hidden sheets

We think that all of the them will be useful. And specifically, the last one, is helpful when you want to only import some rows/columns/sheets for translation. In such a case you can hide all the content that is not to be translated and it will not get imported into MemSource

2. Machine Translation Adjusted for the New Google Translate and Microsoft Translator API

We have upgraded our machine translation integration to be compatible with the new Google Translate and Microsoft Translator APIs, which introduce a paid version of these popular MT services.

Important: This means that in order to be able to use machine translation in Memsource Cloud, you have to get either the Google Translate API Key or the Microsoft Translator Key.

3. Email Translation Jobs to Translators Directly

Now you can email translation jobs to translators directly from Memsource Cloud - via the Email button in a Project. We have also introduced templates to allow automation. We will add some more improvements to this feature in our next release early next week.